Snip and Sketch in Windows 10 Tutorial

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while the first Windows Snipping Tool remains around the latest Windows 10 release, you are now asked to use Snip & Sketch instead with ‘enhanced features’.So today we thought we’d take a glance at what those improved features could also be.

Snip and Sketch in Windows 10The Snip and Sketch App’s interface is analogous to the Snip App, less colorful, but containing a number of equivalent features that made the Snip App a particular step-up from the quality Snipping Tool.

Snip and Sketch in Windows 10

There are a plethora of tools along the highest of the App window, starting with a ‘New’ snip icon and drop-down allowing a brief delay of either 3 or 10 seconds before taking a screen snip. Handy for taking snips of non-persistent objects like drop-down menus.

Next to the present, maybe a standard ‘Open File’ icon which allows the user to load a picture created outside of Snip & Sketch. This image can then be edited within the same way a screen snip crazy Snip & Sketch are often.

Next up, are Undo and Redo icons, to be used during the editing of a snipped image.

Snip and Sketch in Windows 10The center of the App toolbar is haunted by the edit tools. the primary of those is that the ‘Touch Writing’ tool, allowing touch screen users to annotate their snips with their stylus.

Then there are three style options for annotation, ballpoint, Pencil, and Highlighter. Each of those options features a range of colors plus a size setting. The ballpoint option draws a solid line, pencil a ‘fuzzier’ line and therefore the highlighter an opaque line. Here’s a screenshot of the three types.

Snip and Sketch in Windows 10There’s a handy Eraser option, allowing the user to get rid of their annotations one by one or delete all of them in one go.

The ruler option will overlay either a ruler or a protractor on the snipped image. The ruler overlay allows the user to draw straight lines using the three annotation styles whilst the protractor tool allows smooth curves to be drawn on the image, again using any of the three annotation styles.

Snip and Sketch in Windows 10And finally, a crop tool allows fine editing of the image and rounds out the choice of editing tools within Snip and Sketch.


Miscellaneous Tools

A third and final set of tools and features complete the Snip and Sketch toolset.

A handy magnifier allows the user to concentrate on their snipped image to see details. A Save as feature allows snips to be saved to disk and a replica function will copy the image to the user’s clipboard. There’s also a Share icon that permits the user to send the image to their favorite sharing App.

Snip and Sketch in Windows 10And finally maybe a ‘See More’ which displays a hidden set of features and functions. Within this hidden group is an ‘Open with’ function to open up another App together with your snipped image, a ‘Print’ option, a ‘Send feedback’ option for the App, an App ‘Tips and Tricks’ link Microsoft’s website.

That wraps it up for our check out the features of the Windows Snip & Sketch App. The App may be a great improvement from the first Snipping Tool and has some great features for editing snips. We just hope it hangs around a touch longer than the Snip App!

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