How to Add a Snipping Tool to the Taskbar

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Windows Snipping Tool is analogous to the print screen function therein it captures the image that appears on your display screen. However, the Snipping Tool allows the user to only copy some of the screens while the PrintScreen button copies the complete screen. Snips made with the Snipping Tool are often saved in HTML, PNG, GIF or JPEG. Snips are automatically saved to the clipboard and you’ll paste them into another program for editing.

How to Add a Snipping Tool to the TaskbarWe are very often asked ‘How am I able to add the Snipping Tool to the Toolbar?’. The straightforward answer is you can’t. Technically speaking the ‘Toolbar’ in Windows may be a seldom-used option accessed by right-clicking on the Taskbar and selecting the Toolbars option. there’s a custom toolbar option but this is often generally used for allowing quick access to a folder instead of a selected application.

We tend to seek out that the majority of users confuse the Taskbar with the Toolbar and that they are asking ‘How do I add the Snipping Tool to my Taskbar?’. Now, this is often a comparatively straightforward question. Just follow the steps below on the proper to pin the Snipping Tool to your Windows Taskbar.

Step by step add Snipping Tool in Taskbar

  1. Click on your Start icon
  2. Click on the Programs icon
  3. Scroll right down to the ‘W’ section
  4. After that, click on the Windows Accessories folder ‘to expand it
  5. Then Right-click on the Snipping Tool icon
  6. Then click the ‘Pin to Taskbar’ option
  7. And now the Snipping Tool icon will be displayed on the Taskbar

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