Download and Install Snipping Tool For Windows Vista

Microsoft introduced the Snipping Tool application for desktops with the discharge of Vista. The appliance allows the user to require screenshots of any rectangular area displayed on their PC monitor. The Vista snipping tool allows the user to control the screenshot by using the varied tools available. These tools include a highlighter, color pens, and an eraser.

The screenshot also can be saved as a jpeg, gif or png file then further manipulated by the varied image editing software. The Snipping Tool also can directly create an email with the screenshot as an attachment. The appliance will detect the default email client on the user’s PC.

How To Install Snipping Tool in Windows Vista

Once Installed / Enabled the Vista Snipping Tool Install Vista Snipping tool may be a great free application bundled with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It’s easy to put in and enable. The Snipping Tool is great for taking screenshots or “snips” then annotate, save, or share the image or snapshots of your screen. Just follow these simple steps to enable it


1. Click the Windows Start Button and click on the instrument panel

Snipping Tool For Windows Vista

2. Click Programs icon

Download Snipping Tool For Windows Vista

3. Click Turn Windows features on or off as highlighted above

Download Snipping Tool For Windows Vista

4. Check the Optional Tablet PC Components box.

Download Snipping Tool For Windows VistaAll done! After that the Snipping Tool must now be installed in your Accessories Folder:

  • Windows Start Button
  • All Programs
  • Accessories
  • Snipping Tool

Note: Windows 7 comes with the Snipping tool enabled, therefore the How-To above doesn’t apply as you can’t disable it using the Windows Feature Menu/Options. That being said, the Windows 7 Snipping tool is merely available within the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate/Enterprise editions of Windows 7. It’s funny how Microsoft didn’t include it with all versions as I feel it’s even as important because of the Calculator or Notepad.

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