How to Use Capture popup menus in Snipping Tool for Windows 10

While many of us have begun to use the Windows Snipping tool rather than a 3rd party product to grab screen images, not many realize that it also can be wont to capture those elusive popup menus that are so critical when trying to explain the way to do something during a document or website.

First, start the Snipping Tool application; it’s in your accessories folder. you’ll also just click on Start and sort in snipping.

For a more in-depth check out the Snipping Tool and other screen capture methods, inspect our post – Ultimate Guide to Taking Screenshots.

Using the Snipping Tool

when the Snipping Tool application starts and you click New, your screen will become murky and hence the Snipping Tool popup application screen shown below will appear.

Capture popup menus in Snipping ToolNormally at now , you’d draw a rectangle or a freehand sketch (depending on the Mode you choose) to start out capturing whatever you’re after and therefore the results would seem within the Snipping Tool window.

Instead, press the ESC button on your keyboard. Your screen should immediately clear up, looking like nothing is occurring , except that the Snipping Tool popup application should still be visible. Don’t worry, this is often normal.

Next, attend your application that has the popup menu that you’re after. during this case, we’ll capture the font popup menu that drops down once you click on the present Font display in Word. Click on the present Font to form the font window dropdown.

Capture popup menus in Snipping ToolNext, press the Ctrl – PrintScr combination on your keyboard (press and hold down the Ctrl key while reaching for and pressing the Print Scrn key; then abandoning of both keys simultaneously). The screen should immediately go cloudy again.

To capture the menu, click at the corner of where you would like to capture your image, then hold down the push button while you progress to a replacement position, drawing a rectangle round the a part of the screen you would like to capture, then abandoning

As soon as you are doing, the a part of the screen you’ve captured will crop up within the Snipping Tool application window where you’ll reserve it then do with it whatever you would like . It should look something like this:

How to Use Capture popup menus in Snipping Tool for Windows 10

You can also use this method to grab the right-click context menu in Windows. the tactic above works well, but you’ll also use a special method that involves adding a delay. Simply click on the Delay button and provides yourself a couple of seconds before the capture begins.

How to Use Capture popup menus in Snipping Tool

In those few seconds, you’ll go open the popup menu or right-click menu then just wait till the screen capture starts. Enjoy!

Note: you’ll also draw or capture your image via free morpheme , Window or Full Screenshot when snipping your image by clicking the down arrow next to the Mode button on the Snipping Tool screen.

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